Qava Games


Gladiator - Arena Masters

Project Details

  • Category : Casual Mobile
  • Team Size : 2
  • Game Engine : Unreal Engine
  • Intended Platforms : IOS and Android

In Gladiator - Arena Masters you play as a gladiator and fight 1 vs 1 Online, or practice your skills in 1 vs NPC. Players will earn fame from the matches and climb the leaderboard while fighting in different Arenas and claim your position as the most famous gladiator of all!

The game is meant for the mobile platform and is played online. It is designed to be played with one hand and to have very simple controls, where it should be easy to learn for beginners but hard to master for the more experienced players.

Character Controller

Touch Controller

Movement: By holding and dragging on the screen you make the character walk in the desired direction.

Evade: By swiping on the screen you will make the character evade in the desired direction.

Block: By holding down on the screen more then 0.5 seconds you will make the character block incoming attacks.

Light attack: By tapping on the screen your character will perform a quick but light attack, the animation time is depended on what weapons you have equipped on your character.

Heavy attack: By holding and releasing the screen between 0.2 seconds and 0.5 seconds your character will perform a slow but heavy attack, the animation time is depended on what weapons you have equipped on your character.

Game Idea

Core Game Loop

Players will be placed in a fast paced combat game, where they find them in a
1 vs 1 situation against another gladiator. They will have the same moves to utilize, but what will determine who wins is the player who assesses the situation the fastest and act accordingly.

This idea comes from a core loop where players will face a situation and solve it with 3 options to choose from, the only thing that can make or break the players plan is the opponent. The opponent has the same 3 options to choose from, but the winner will be the gladiator who assesses the situation and breaks the opponents plan to succeed.

Meta Game Loop

Before the Combat: Players will be able to interact with friends by sending messages on the guild chat, were it will be moderated by the guild administrator and guild officers. Players will also be able to send armor/weapon scraps to guild members that will be used to upgrade their equipment. In the equipment tab players will be able to customize and equip their character, and depending on what weapons and equipment the player chooses their character traits change and as well as the characters combat stands.

After the Combat: Players will get gold and armor/weapon scraps as loot from a match, the amount will depend on if they emerged victorious or not. Also depending on the player is if they won the match and have a empty chest slot available, they will get a victory chest as a reward to that will be assigned on a chest slot and the time will count down till the chest is ready to be opened.

Players Choice

We are strong believers in letting players decide on how they want to fight and what melee combat type their character should have, so therefore we designed a system that supports that decision. Players will be able to choose one out of five skills (Health, Defence, Attack, Critical, Regeneration) for their gear each times it levels up, and in total there are 4 different levels (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary) on each gear slot. There are 6 different slots of gear (Head, Torso, Hands, Legs, Main-Hand, Off-Hand). As a result this gives players a lot of opportunities to choose and create their own character that fits their combat style.

Combat Stands

To further push the concept that its the players choice that matters we let players choose combat stands depending on what Main-Hand and Off-Hand item players equip on the character. There are 6 different stands (Un-Armed, Main-Hand only, Off-Hand only, Sword + shield, Axe + shield, Two-Handed, Spear, Spear + shield, Dual wield) to choose from, and more will be added in the future (Trident, Trident + shield, and more). Each stand comes with its own flaws and benefits that we let the players explore how to utilize and gain the most advantages in combat.


Fast attacks, but does not hit that hard.


Hits hard, and had a fast back hand attack. But does not utilize all damage.


Fast Main hand attack but does not do much damage. Off hand hits hard.

Two Handed

Very hard hitting attacks, but slow!

Sword and Shield

Medium fast and medium hard attacks.

Axe and Shield

Medium fast and medium hard attacks.


Fast attacks, but does not hit that hard.

Spear Dual Wield

Hits harder, and has a fast back hand attack.

Spear and Shield

Medium fast attacks, and hits medium hard.

Sword Dual Wield

Hits harder, and had a fast back hand attack.

Gear Calculator

Road Ahead

Now is the time to take the next step to make our company grow, and push us towards releasing this game. Therefore we are asking for Epic Mega Grants.
The grants will enable us to employ 3D artists that will help us with our environment and creating it to be more accurate to the Roman era, character customization with equipment and clothes and to give the game more visual aesthetics. We also need Music and Sound in the game that is from that time period.

As we want to go big with this game and try to make it to the E-SPORT arena, we really need a lot of marketing. The grants will help us out in the area as we are able to make PR and marketing, as well as exposing us on different social media platforms.

The grants will be used to play consultant fees, marketing, buy assets and equipment that we need and help us reach the goal of being able to release the beta of the game at the end of the year.


Online, Customization and Clans

Online Factions

Players will have a choice in the beginning of the game were they can choose their faction (Viking, Knight or Roman faction). Each week the Online score of all player will calculate and new territories will be formed


Players will also have a choice in the beginning of the game to customize their characters body and face shape, add facial tattoos and change gear colour


Players will have the opportunity to form a new clan with friends, or join a existing clan. We will limit the communication of the clan by giving a set of premade phrases that players can choose to communicate from and decide on which faction to concentrate their attacks